Friday, October 24, 2008

Triamazon - convicted cancer pill peddler's stupid mistakes

Warning, this is a very long post!

I blogged a little while back about Andrew Harris, the man recently convicted of selling Triamazon pills for cancer. Selling people false hope, especially for cancer, is something I strongly dislike, so I'm taking it upon myself today to go through his website's front page and pull apart his claims. I have no medical training, you don't need it to see through him - just a little logical thought. I take no responsibility if he changes his page in the future, but I shall quote the whole page as it stands now, including all the links. I have only stripped out the formatting.

The Triamazon website contains an inspiring story of despair and hope, cancer gone into remission and dastardly drug companies covering up THE TRUTH. Also the government are out to get him as he is a lone crusader for THE TRUTH. But mainly he's a wishful thinker guilty of muddy thinking (at best) or a drug dealer (at worst, and no I don't excuse him on the grounds that he's not selling you something to get you high) or possibly somewhere in between.

I am Andrew Harris of

I was diagnosed with NHL Lymphoma Cancer of the Immune system around 4 and half years ago.

I was told by the head haematologist at Trafford general hospital that there is no cure for my type of cancer and that all the hospital could do was treat the symptoms.

I started combination chemotherapy 
R-CHOP with Prednisolone steroids, I had eight lots of chemo I went through hell, my teeth crumbled my fillings fell out and my appendix went acute and I had it removed, I also had a trapped cranial nerve that gave me immense pain in my jaw teeth and face 24/7 for weeks until the hospital reduced the amount of Vincristine.

I had to have Morphine and Pethidine at the A+E many a time as the toxicity wreaked havoc on my whole body and major organs including my Peripheral Nervous System. I have had to undergo a double Angioplasty to my right coronary artery due to the damage of chemotherapy.

After I had endured 8 lots of this chemo my cancer went dormant but was still there but not doing anything so I was classed as in remission, 14 months later I relapsed and the cancer spread to my neck, my chest, my abdomen and it had come back with such a vengeance I was classed as a stage 3 patient.
I was then put back on the same regimen of chemo for a further 6 lots totalling 14 lots of chemo.

On the tenth lot of chemo I found out about Acetogenins Novel Alkaloids and Phytochemicals as an alternative that's non toxic to healthy cells but lethal to cancer cells.

I was gobsmacked to learn that a famous drug company had spent millions trying to make a synthetic from these so they could claim sole exclusivity via a patent for marketing purposes, however, the company were unsuccessful in getting a synthetic derivative to work after years of research and they decided to lock away their findings from the public and rival drug companies because this is natural non toxic and kills many cancer strains with lethal precision without harming normal healthy cells and tissue.

I'm enclosing links (at the bottom of this webpage from Pubmed) a medical research database of the US Government known as Pubmed for you to see i'm telling you the truth!

During my research I came across 
ASPARTAME and RUMSFELD DISEASE which shows that a Carcinogen and Neurotoxin has been allowed in fizzy pop soda drinks and also in around 6000 and 9000 food products, ASDA have currently withdrawn it from it's own brand yet the MHRA deem it fit for consumption in the UK, just search Google for (Rumsfeld disease or Aspartame) and you'll see why we have a cancer epidemic.

The majority of the public have no idea about this and it is of major public interest.

I got full complete remissions with no clinical signs of cancer after consuming Acetogenins novel alkaloids and Phytochemicals, my medical record is my evidence I used at court which can be verified via my solicitor Keith Dyson 0161 832 9933.

I'm very sorry to hear his story of getting cancer. Genuinely, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I would be slightly more convinced that these acetogenins et c. were the cause of his remission if he hadn't undergone lengthy chemotherapy first. However it is perfectly possible that these compounds are effective against cancer.
What the hell that has to do with Aspartame is anyone's guess.
I set up a couple of websites to blow the whistle on what I had discovered and to make the product Triamazon (which I named as a brand and which I import from the USA) to make available to people around the world.
The capsules are manufactured by a reputable company with over 40 years in the alternative pharmaceutical industry licensed by the FDA.

The MHRA (Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Authority) raided me and took Triamazon for testing back in February 2008.
My solicitor has exhausted every avenue in an attempt to get the results of the MHRA testing on Triamazon, even though I have a right under the freedom of information act, they will not hand over the test results also the MHRA have not issued any health concerns regarding Triamazon 8 months after the raid.

The complaints which were made were about me breaking the cancer act of 1939 (which is English law) NOT about Triamazon as a product.
Many customers have contacted the press praising Triamazon and the benefits it gave them as cancer patients.
But as we all know, the government controls the media and only print what they want you to hear.

The MHRA has to ensure that only licensed medicines are on sale to the public, this is because only licensed medicines have been through the proper testing. Triamazon has not been tested, at least yet - more on that later. The Cancer Act 1939 is designed to stop frauds selling false hope to cancer sufferers. The MHRA tests on Triamazon, I strongly suspect, would have been to find out what was in it - not clinical trials to find out its possible curative effects. Customers contacting the press praising any medicine carry very little weight with editors. They can only have anecdotal evidence, which at the very best can only be treated as a starting point for clinical trials. Personal experiences are never proof.
Government controlling the media? Sounds like any other conspiracy theorist to me.
The MHRA allowed SEROXATVIOXCELLIBREX AND ASPARTAME plus many more including STATINS onto the market for public consumption which have caused fatalities and are now being subject to lawsuits for damages.

Yes, medicines with bad side effects have got through the licensing net before now. This is not a convincing argument to allow medicines through with less testing is it now?
The MHRA gets its revenue in the form of licence fees via the pharmaceutical companies, the MHRA are criminally negligent and are themselves a real threat to public health.

They weren't negligent in your case were they? And I think it would be more accurate to say they get some of their money from licence fees.
Personal injury claims are rife in the USA.

This is what's known as a non-sequitur.
The public deserve the truth and when your sent home from hospital to get your affairs in order because there is nothing more they can do as the chemo has become ineffective then where does one turn to?

If alternatives cannot be advertised for cancer due to a 70 year old legislation then they will not be found by those in need!

Cancer Act 1939 has been responsible for more deaths that the 2 world wars.

The whole system is about money, as there is no money in any cure, only in treating the symptoms with repeat prescriptions.
The chemo manufacturers are bleeding the NHS of its cash.

My Triamazon capsules work, and they are a mere price compared to chemotherapy, even viagra costs more than Triamazon pill for pill!

If your triamazon capsules work then you should be able to prove it. Get them put through the proper testing, then you'll have proof. Until then you only have your own words.
I have been turned into a criminal for blowing the whistle and for helping people.

Speak to Keith Dyson Solicitor or better still speak with LOUISE BLACKWELL QC of
Cobden House Chambers Manchester, she is working on this case as the cancer act 1939 violates the articles 9, 10 and 14 of the human rights act. She will confirm that Triamazon is a viable therapy for cancer, If my pills are worthless as stated then why am I not in jail for committing deception!

You turned yourself into a criminal by violating the law. You have no proof that Triamazon works. Solicitors are not qualified to tell me if a medicine works. You are not in jail because you have already received the maximum sentence for a first offence under the Cancer Act 1939. See, it's not all that draconian a piece of legislation is it?

Here are the links I promised you.

Sceptics please see... 
The official independent "Research White Paper" on the proven effectiveness of selected Acetogenins, by clicking on this link below...

Are you still sceptic? Here is more evidence direct from the US Government PUBMED central medical research database, Click on these links below

State Key Laboratory of Bioorganic and Natural Product Chemistry, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 354 Fenglin Road, Shanghai 200032, China.
Departamento de Farmacología, Laboratorio de Farmacognosia, Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad de Valencia, 46100 Burjassot, Valencia, Spain.

TRIAMAZON beats (MDR) Multi Drug Resistant Breast Cancer MCF-7/Adr cells, and is (250 times more potent) than the standard hospital regimen of Vincristine, Vinblastine and Adriamycin Chemotherapy Drugs.

Click the link below, see the proof on PUBMED! 7950?dop%20t=Citation

These are the ingredients in Triamazon which were tested against Colon, Breast, Lung, Liver, and Ovarian tumour cell lines, a drug-resistant ovarian cell line was also included in the panel. In general the compounds in the product Triamazon are more potent than doxorubicin. Doxorubicin (trade name Adriamycin) a chemotherapy Drug and unlike chemotherapy drugs... Triamazon does not harm healthy cells or tissue.

Now See What the US Government Medical Database for Medical Research says (about the ingredients) included that make up Triamazon. See the Medical Truth of Safe Phytochemical Based Natural Substances that Doctors and your Oncologist has no knowledge even existed!

Click on this link

Do have a look at the links he provides, they do show that there is some promise in the ingredients which he claims are in Triamazon. Wait a minute, they are being tested and the results published for all to read? Hmmm, hardly sounds to me like:

a famous drug company had spent millions trying to make a synthetic from these so they could claim sole exclusivity via a patent for marketing purposes, however, the company were unsuccessful in getting a synthetic derivative to work after years of research and they decided to lock away their findings from the public and rival drug companies

Nothing he has posted shows that these compounds do not harm healthy tissue however. It is not enough to show that it kills cancer, it also needs to have an acceptable level of side-effects.
What the links do show is that research is happening on these substances, and that they show promise. All the studies linked to are in-vitro studies (in test-tubes or petri dishes). This is the first stage of clinical trials, many substances which show promise at that stage do not prove to be as successful later on when tested in vivo

Here is some truth about Cannabis

Take a few minutes to educate yourself by clicking on the links regarding Cannabis and ask yourself why governments oppose the Medical Benefits on offer from this plant and all it has to offer in the battle against cancer and other ailments, most of us already know that like Triamazon, it too, cannot be patented, and the ingredients were kept from public knowledge and therefore is seen as a threat to the profits of the chemotherapy manufacturing drug cartel of companies, hence the bad press by government control against the non-patentable effective CAM (Complimentary Alternative Medicine) industry to protect incoming big license fees from the real drug dealers AKA the pharmaceutical industry who due to products like SEROXAT and VIOX have ruined many lives and caused many to die, yes that's right we at are having a go at big pharma in the name of all mankind!

Breast Cancer Wiped Out By Cannabis. 4oPaSnjHawo

California leads the way for Medical Cannabis Vending Machines. m/watch?v=oe_6opRXOcg
American Kids Prescribed Cannabis (UK Gov't lies on THC Exposed )

UK Government FRANK lies on Cannabis Exposed !

House of Lords stated 10 years ago LEGALISE MEDICAL CANNABIS

This is enough evidence to show the majority of Governments cannot be trusted when it concerns our health, especially when our very own law lords recommended the use of cannabis for medical use over ten years ago!

What on earth does cannabis have to do with anything else on this page?

So in short, Andrew Harris got cancer, he received treatment after which he went into remission. He wants to ascribe that remission to some natural products he took at the end of that treatment rather than the treatment itself. He now wants to sell that to other people and is convinced that his message is being unjustly suppressed. However he has no actual proof at all that his product does any good. He does show there is some interest in the compounds from Big Pharma (not those evil-doers surely?) and the compounds in Triamazon may yet prove to be an effective cancer treatment. But on the other hand, maybe they won't. Without proof the medicine will not get licensed by the MHRA. Being 'natural' is no guarantee that it will be effective, or safe, and until it is proven to be both of those things anyone trying to sell it is a charlatan. Along the way he seems to descend into conspiracy theory, which is never a good sign of a rational mind.

Survival rates from cancer have never been better, and it's not because people are allowed to sell unproven medicines or because Big Pharma are a bunch of money grabbing bastards either. Well, this post is quite long enough without me pulling Andrew Harris apart any more. I think largely he's hung himself with his own rope, but hopefully I've helped too.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The price of babies

What is it about having babies that makes people lose all their critical faculties? There seems to be more nonsense spouted - and sold - relating to pregnancy, babies and children than pretty much anything else. Maybe I'm biased, Mrs Norbury is after all almost due to drop Mini Norbury so I've been exposed to a fair bit recently. It's very serious sometimes, especially when people think there are conflicting messages coming to them from science about stuff like vaccinations, or when they actually believe homeopathy can cure anything at all and so give a sick child magic water instead of medicine. However there is also a less serious side to getting people's brains to melt.
Selling you stuff you don't need, or selling you stuff which is like the stuff you need but that bit more expensive is particularly common.
Have a look at this cot mattress for example. That's right, £135 for a cot mattress you'll use for maybe a year or two. Where do you draw the line of more money than sense? I also think it's brilliant that they're describing it as non-allergenic. It's made of latex. There are many people in this world who are sensitive to latex and will develop dermatitis as soon as look at the stuff.  One of the ways you can develop dermatitis in the first place is through repeated contact with a substance, such as latex. I'm not sure if this counts as an allergy, but it's pretty unpleasant and can be very serious.
I must admit though, like all prospective parents I've bought some stuff which I probably won't need and which was probably too expensive, so I don't have much room to criticise those who do buy this kind of thing.
But £135 for a cot mattress? Jesus.

And don't get me started on the whole "Your children are precious so you must buy the best stuff you can for them" line of thought. Which cynical advertiser* came up with that meme?

*see Bill Hicks for why this is an insult.